Providing Comfort and Care: Transmed Mobile Ultrasound Services

Patients at long-term care facilities have unique needs and receiving the care they need to live a more comfortable life should always be easily accessible. While they might face challenges with their health, receiving the care they need shouldn’t be a challenge. However, depending on the location and resources of their long-term care facility, their care might face some limitations.

For long-term care facility patients, receiving the care they need might require transportation to an offsite location, such as a hospital or clinic. While this may be necessary for keeping a patient healthy and happy, it can pose new challenges for patients and long-term care facilities alike.

Patients need to stay on top of their health, but transporting them to another healthcare facility can be costly, time-consuming, challenging, and uncomfortable for them. Furthermore, depending on if their health status is compromised, transporting them to a hospital or clinic could pose some potential danger to their wellbeing. From the standpoint of comfort alone, it’s more pleasant for patients to receive the care they need in their long-term care facility in the comfort of their own room. Wouldn’t it be better if their care could go to them instead of sacrificing their comfort?

For patients who require medical ultrasound services, Transmed is only a phone call away. Although our home office is in Sioux Falls, Transmed also offers ultrasound services through our mobile outreach program. We work hand in hand with over 50 rural hospitals and medical centers in the region. Through our mobile outreach services, we have the capability to provide services to patients at long-term care facilities in Sioux Falls and the immediate surrounding areas, giving patients the care they need in the comfort of their own room.

Patients in need of an ultrasound shouldn’t have to make a trip to their local hospital or clinic. With their unique health needs, staying in the comfort of their long-term care facility makes for sense for their safety and comfort. Our registered technologists can perform ultrasound exams wherever a patient is most comfortable, eliminating the hassle and discomfort of moving them to an off-site location.

With Transmed’s mobile ultrasound services, patients have the freedom to receive the ultrasound care they need. Our ultrasound exams provide a variety of diagnostic services, including:

  • Cardiac ultrasound exams
  • Abdominal ultrasound exams
  • Small parts ultrasound exams
  • Vascular ultrasound exams
  • GYN ultrasound exams
  • Stroke screenings

When you choose Transmed for your patients’ ultrasound needs, you’re choosing a more convenient and comfortable option for them and your staff. The benefits of choosing Transmed for your long-term care facility patients include:

The Benefits Include:

  • Bedside exams eliminate time and expense for the nursing home
  • Greater convenience for the residents
  • Compassionate, experienced sonographers that treat every patient with dignity and respect
  • Exams interpreted by Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists
  • Fast results
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental insurance approved

Patients at long-term care facilities generally have unique healthcare needs that necessitate the attentive care long-term care facilities are able to provide. As is the nature with most healthcare providers, though, some long-term care facilities face obstacles when it comes to the care they are able to provide. While these obstacles are a reality for some long-term care facilities, it doesn’t have to result in limitations for patients. With Transmed’s mobile ultrasound services, patients can receive the care they need without the hassle and discomfort of being transported offsite.

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