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Small Parts Ultrasound

Small parts ultrasound examinations are used to inspect unexplained bumps or lumps on the thyroid, breasts, reproductive organs, and other small parts around the body. These ultrasound exams are helpful for detecting potentially harmful health issues, and they can precipitate and inform successful treatment plans through early diagnosis.

Unexplained lumps and bumps around your body can be confusing, and they may leave you with questions and concerns, but small parts ultrasound examinations can alleviate your worry by providing answers. At Transmed, our team of sonographers are experts at conducting small parts ultrasound exams and providing results for care providers. Small parts ultrasound exams offer healthcare providers insight into what might be causing your pain or bumps, which then allows for diagnosis and further care.

Alerting your care provider about any unexplained bumps or lumps is important, because doing so gives them notice to recommend an examination that will help determine a cause and provide effective treatment. As with any form of diagnostic ultrasound examination, small parts exams are a necessary step in remaining healthy and combatting illness through early detection. Our team at Transmed has helped many care providers and patients determine the cause of mysterious protuberances and unexplained pain, which has aided in the detection of previously undetected health concerns.

If you or your loved one have been experiencing pain or have found unexplained lumps and bumps, a small parts ultrasound examination is likely necessary and recommended by your healthcare provider. Contact our office to set up an appointment. If you live in a surrounding rural community, or reside in a long-term care or assisted living facility, our team can go to you through our mobile outreach service. Our team of expert sonographers will conduct the examination, and the results from your exam will be shared with your care provider in a timely manner. At Transmed, we provide quality, comfortable ultrasound exams that quickly offer care providers accurate results.

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