Preventative Screenings That Save Lives

Ultrasound Screenings: Why You Should Have this Easy Ultrasound Exam

While Transmed offers diagnostic ultrasound, Screening America, a Transmed partner, offers several prevention screening opportunities. Screening America’s ultrasound screenings have helped save lives. Early detection is the best way to prevent life-threatening conditions. Their screenings give patients and their healthcare providers necessary insight into the anatomy and physiology of their bodies that will direct their care.

Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention Screening

Sudden cardiac death prevention screening is an important screening offered to youth ages 11 to 34 to help detect any congenital abnormalities of the heart that could potentially be life threatening.  These quality screenings can save lives!


Peripheral Artery Disease Screening

Screening America’s services don’t stop there. They also perform peripheral artery disease screenings (PAD). These screenings look for blockages in the leg arteries that may cause pain. Peripheral artery disease affects 8-12 million Americans, and it is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, making it another important and necessary screening.

Stroke Screening

Although strokes are more likely for people who are inactive, have high blood pressure and cholesterol, and smoke, the risk of stroke can still apply to relatively healthy patients. Patients over the age of 40 and who have a family history of strokes are at a higher risk for stroke. One way to reduce your risk of stroke is through preventative care, such as a stroke screening.

Having a stroke or Abdominal Aortic aneurysm can have life-altering effects or even cause death, but detecting the warning signs of a stroke through a stroke screening can help with prevention. Screening America’s team of ultrasound technologists, coupled with the experts reading the results, have helped save lives through screenings.

It’s important to have a vascular screening done if you’re over the age of 40 or have a family history of strokes, especially if you have the following symptoms:

  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Family history of strokes

By having a vascular ultrasound screening, you can greatly decrease your chances of having a stroke. Early detection is the best line of defense against life-threatening diseases.

Atrial Fibrillation Screening

Rounding out their screening services is the atrial fibrillation screening. A limited ECG (rhythm strip) is performed to detect an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation. The risk of stroke increases five times for patients with atrial fibrillation. This screening is an effective way to detect your chances of having a stroke, especially when coupled with other screenings.

How To Get Screened

If you or your loved one are in need of a screening, contact Screening America to set up an appointment by calling 605-274-2525.  Don’t delay having a vital screening any longer. Contact Screening America today to schedule an appointment!


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