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  • Preventative Screenings That Save Lives Ultrasound Screenings: Why You Should Have this Easy Ultrasound Exam While Transmed offers diagnostic ultrasound, Screening America, a Transmed partner, offers several prevention screening opportunities. Screening America’s ultrasound screenings have helped save lives. Early detection is the best way to prevent life-threatening conditions. Their screenings give patients and their healthcare providers necessary insight into the […]
  • Tips for Taking Charge of Your Healthcare When it comes to your healthcare, being diligent and taking prudent control can help you and your family receive the best care possible. It’s easy to feel shepherded when you’re a patient. You often receive recommendations to a particular healthcare provider or clinic. While these recommendations are valuable, you have the right to additional options […]
  • Patient Rights: Your Right to Choose Transmed Want to save money on your healthcare procedures? You need to know your rights. The world of healthcare can be overwhelming for many patients. Being surrounded by strange instruments and being told unfamiliar medical terms can be confusing for anyone. It’s no surprise then that you might follow all of your healthcare provider’s recommendations; they […]
  • Ultrasound and Its Uses: Common Questions About Sonography Although ultrasound exams are common today, many people still don’t know what they are and if they’re safe. At Transmed, we are regularly asked about the safety of ultrasounds and other questions. As proudly self-pronounced ultrasound experts, we decided to answer some common questions we think patients need answered. What is ultrasound? An ultrasound exam, […]
  • Transmed Ultrasound Services – What We Do Transmed Inc. is an independent ultrasound company based in Sioux Falls, SD. We have been in business since 1986, and we have grown and expanded our services since then with the advancement of technology. In addition to our ultrasound office in Sioux Falls, we work with over 50 hospitals and medical centers in the region, […]

What is Ultrasound? Is it Safe?

Ultrasound and Its Uses: Common Questions About Sonography

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