Our Services

At Transmed, our team of registered sonographers are the finest in the area, providing a wide variety of ultrasound exams. Our ultrasound services help healthcare providers serve their patients better.  Transmed’s ultrasound services are available by appointment at our Sioux Falls office, or through our mobile outreach program, which serves healthcare facilities in South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.  At Transmed, we believe in offering excellent diagnostic ultrasound care to all, and our variety of specialties and mobile capabilities make that possible.

Mobile Routes

Transmed works hand in hand with over 50 rural hospitals and medical centers in South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. Through our mobile service, we provide quality ultrasound services to patients at the many hospitals and medical centers we serve. This service allows healthcare providers to get their patients the ultrasounds they need close to home.  Transmed will work with any healthcare facility to develop a service schedule that will meet their ultrasound needs.  Contact Transmed for more details.

Sioux Falls Office

Our Sioux Falls office is conveniently located off Minnesota Avenue near 77th street. It is easily accessible for patients and provides a private and relaxed atmosphere. At our Sioux Falls office, we offer a wide variety of ultrasound imaging.  If your patient is in need of an ultrasound examination, contact our office to set up an appointment.  Same day appointments are usually available!  Our prices are very attractive to self-pay patients and patients with high deductible insurance plans or HSA’s.


Our team at Transmed specializes in a variety of diagnostic medical ultrasound services, which includes OB/GYN, abdomen, small parts, vascular (veins and arteries), cardiac (echocardiogram), pediatric (children), vascular (stroke) screenings, and heart screenings for both athletes and non-athletes. All of our sonographers are highly trained and committed to providing quality, comfortable ultrasound examinations for all our patients.

“The trusted name in medical ultrasound”