Cardiac Ultrasound

Cardiac Ultrasound

Cardiac ultrasound, can also be referred to astransthoracic echocardiogram, echo, heart ultrasound, or sonogram of the heart. This is a common test used to evaluate your heart’s health in the diagnosis and monitoring of heart disease.

This ultrasound examination, which is performed using real time ultrasound, allows the doctor to see your heart beating and how well it is pumping blood. It is used to evaluate the heart’s valves, chambers, and the large blood vessels that enter and exit the heart. It can detect defects and other health concerns that are an important part of diagnostic care. By having a cardiac ultrasound examination, you can prevent potentially fatal health conditions by assessing the status of your heart’s health.

If your healthcare provider has recommended an echocardiogram for you, it’s important to receive this diagnostic care. Echocardiography is a simple examination and requires no prep.

Why might my Dr. order an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is an effective and safe means of evaluating the heart. There are many reasons why your healthcare provider might order an echocardiogram. Some of these reasons may include:

  • If you are having chest pain and or shortness of breath.
  • If you have a history of Congenital Heart Disease.
  • To evaluate the valves and or chambers of your heart.
  • To assess the size and shape of your heart.
  • To assess the movement, and thickness of the heart muscles.
  • To evaluate how well the heart is pumping.
  • Tumor, or blood clot within the chambers of your heart.
  • Growths on, or narrowing of the heart valves
  • To evaluate the large blood vessels that enter and exit the heart.
  • Abnormal channels (holes) between the left and right sides of the heart.


At Transmed, our team of registered sonographers have helped many patients receive necessary diagnostic cardiac care. We have helped to save lives by performing cardiac ultrasound examinations. With a heart ultrasound, it’s possible to discover serious issues about the health of the heart, and help patients receive necessary treatment to alleviate their heart’s health concerns.

After a cardiac ultrasound exam, the results will be shared with your healthcare provider, allowing them to make better decisions regarding your health care.

If you or your loved one are in need of a cardiac ultrasound examination, contact our office to set up an appointment Our team of expert sonographers will provide quality, comfortable ultrasound exams that quickly offer healthcare providers fast results.

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